Team Riders

Darcy Peters 
How long have you been riding BMX?
7 years 

What is your favorite spot to ride?
San Diego YMCA Park or Joyride 150

If you could only do 2 tricks for the rest of your life, what are they?

Barspins and backflips

Best place you've traveled to, too ride?

Best trend in BMX?

Worst trend in BMX?
No Brakes

Ledges or Rails?

Quarters or Dirt jumps?
Dirt Jumps

Plaza or Park?

Shout outs?
BMX Gallery, System BMX, 1664, My friends and most important my family.

Frame: United Mothership V2
Fork: United something that starts with a B
Bar: No idea Sam sold me them
Stem: System BMX Shooter
Headset: 1664
Grips: ODI long necks
Front Hub: Demolition
Front Rim: Demolition
Front Spokes: they are spokes does it matter?
Front Tire: worn out demolition
Seat: Federal
Post: 1664
Clamp: Came with the frame yo
Cranks: 1664
BB: 1664
Pedals: um......demolition
Sprocket: System BMX Half tooth 14t
Chain: Eclat and one random link
Rear Hub: Tree one
Rear Rim: Cinema 777
Rear Spokes:
Rear Tire: demolition
Pegs: g spot plastics
Brake Caliper: eclat and soon to be Drew Bs Sig brakes!!!
Brake Lever: Odyssey
Brake Cable: 1664 straight cables with a Odyssey Gyro and top cable
Modifications: I got skweky brakes and I have some ideas I might do soon but those are top secret!!!

John Alden
How long have you been riding BMX?
Seems like my whole life. Maybe less.

What is your favorite spot to ride?
Cochrane bowl is a blast..

If you could only do 2 tricks for the rest of your life, what are they?

Table tops and Nac-Nacs

Best place you've traveled to, to ride?

Woodward West. I still can't believe how perfect everything there is built.

Best trend in BMX?

Bikes becoming more simple.

Worst trend in BMX?
Bikes becoming scooters.

Ledges or Rails?


Quarters or Dirt jumps?
Nothing beats a good quarter. Looking forward to riding more trails though.

Plaza or Park?
The one with jumps.

Shout outs?
Uhh.. My Dad for being fuckin' rad, Devon, Matt, and Brad at BMX Gallery for hooking me up with the goods. Matthew Walser for teaching me how to do tricks.

Frame: Mutiny Lucky Strike V3 21"
Fork: Fit Blade
Bar: Odyssey Double Space
Stem: S&M XLT Race
Headset: Animal
Grips: ODI
Front Wheel: Eclat
Front Tire: Fit FAF 2.25
Seat: Demolition D
Post: Pivotal
Cranks: Eclat Onyx
BB: Mid
Pedals: Odyssey Twisted PC
Sprocket: S&M Tuffman 30 tooth
Chain: DK Exo
Rear Wheel: Demolition Rouge 9 tooth
Rear Tire: Fit FAF 2.1
Pegs: Nah.
Modifications: Spray paint

Zane Fichten 
How long have you been riding BMX?
My dad got me onto a BMX super young, and by 3 years old i was riding around Okotoks Skatepark without training wheels.

What is your favorite spot to ride?
Theres not much to do in my area for street and i havent rode much street downtown so im gunna have to say millz.

If you could only do 2 tricks for the rest of your life, what are they?
Tailwhips and Toothpicks.

Best place you've traveled to, too ride?
Penticton BC in 2011.

Best trend in BMX?
No brakes.

Worst trend in BMX?
Girl pants. HA

Ledges or Rails?
Ledges foresure, rails are scary.

Quarters or Dirt jumps?
Never really get to ride dirt, so im gunna go with quarters.

Plaza or Park?
I enjoy both, depends what i feel like at the time.

Shout outs?
Shout out to my dad for getting me into BMX, and driving me around to awesome skateparks, making me a better rider and buying me new parts haha. Cameron Edwardson as well, i have grown up riding BMX with him my whole life. Also a big shout out to Brad, Matt and Devon at BMX Gallery 4130 for hooking me up on the team and also pretty much all the Calgary riders that i look up to and the guys on the team Austin Odegnal, Andrew Schubert, John Alden, Richard Gallant and DP.

Frame: 18" Fit Inman
Fork: 18" S&M Pitchfork
Bar: 28 by 8 S&M SLAM XLT
Stem: S&M Redneck XLT
Headset: Fit
Grips: Shadow Conspiracy Gutteral
Front Hub: Fit
Front Rim: 18" Fit
Front Spokes: Fit
Front Tire: 18" Fit 2.25
Seat: Eclat Gonzo
Post: Shadow Conspiracy
Clamp: Fit
Cranks: Fit
BB: Fit
Pedals: Shadow Conspiracy Revenger
Sprocket: 25t Deluxe
Chain: KMC (with 1 gold link from Brad Hannaford haha)
Rear Hub: Fit
Rear Rim: 18" Fit
Rear Spokes: Fit
Rear Tire: 18" Fit 2.1
Pegs: Shadow Conspiracy Lil Dirty
Brake Caliper: No brakes
Brake Lever: No brakes
Brake Cable: No brakes
Hubgards: G-Sport

Richard Gallant
How long have you been riding BMX?
13 years give or take

What is your favorite spot to ride?


If you could only do 2 tricks for the rest of your life, what are they?
feeble grinds, pedal manuals

Best place you've traveled to, too ride?
van island for them great trails jamerinos

Best trend in BMX?
bringin back old school stuff

Worst trend in BMX?
rap music in sections,,

Ledges or Rails?

Quarters or Dirt jumps?

Plaza or Park?
plaza i guess,

Shout outs?
you kids at 4130 rockin the wonderful new shop, anybody who thinks im cool!!! haha whoever rides a bike and doesnt care about what ppl think of how you ride or whatever, just doooooo ittttttttttt

Frame: s&m WTF 21 inch top tube
Fork: the ones that come witht he WTF ,, pithc fockrs
Bar: hoder
Stem: eclat sean burns
Headset: ... salt? you would know better then me
Grips,, eclat
Front Hub: eclat,, female axle ,,,
Front Rim: eclat bondai
Front Spokes: ,,,,,, black ones
Front Tire: eclat
Seat: mcneil
Post: 1664
Clamp: wtf needs no clamp
Cranks: eclat tibia
BB: eclat tibia
Pedals: odyssey
Sprocket: eclat,, dont know how many teeth,, 22 mayby? 25?
Chain: DK them cool new ones
Rear Hub: eclat
Rear Rim: eclat bondai
Rear Spokes: balck ones
Rear Tire: eclat
Pegs: eclat,,,, they are getting sharper and sharper
Brake Caliper: .......................................
Brake Lever: ...............
Brake Cable: ..............................
Modifications: 3inch S&m stickered crossbar pad custom made by Chris Spicer,,,,, some pegs that i have cut down only doing grinds ,,, took the pins off one side of my right pedal for luc-e grinds,,,

Teddy Eyob

Young Eyob shreds. Here's a look at his setup.

Frame: 21' S&M ATF Fork: AND forks Bar: S&M Fathead Stem: S&M Enduro Headset: 1664 Grips: ODI Softnecks Front Hub: G-sport marmoset Front Hub Guards: BSD Jersey barrier x2 Front Rim: G-sport birdcage Front Tire: Gum rubber Cult dehart Seat: United Beacon Post: 1664 Clamp: idk Cranks: Profile BB: 1664 Pedals: Odyssey Twisted PC Sprocket: Tree Chain: Shadow half link Rear Hub: Federal V3 Freecoaster Rear Hub Guards: S&M Cymbal x2 Rear Rim: G-sport Ribcage Rear Tire: Gum rubber 2.5 Cule Dehart Pegs: CULT BUTTERS x4

Modifications:**Banned Stash Cap**