Scene Setups

Brock Gandy - 21.25" S&M BTM
Sam Belin

S&M RB2, S&M Pitch XLT, Macneil Seat, Deluxe Bars...This shred has something new on it everytime I see it... Such a nice bike!

Dave diglikeaman
2011 Verde Luxe with Cinema 777 wheels, and Fit bars.

RIchard Gallant
S&M WTF with Eclat Parts.... so sick.

Devon Rohl
S&M LTF, Pitchforks, Grand Slams, Profile wheels and cranks, Deluxe pedals, Eclat brakes, Tree Sprocket, BMX Gallery: 4130 Custom seat.

Darcy Fateux

Deco Self titled frame, Fu Fork, S&M Bars and sprocket

Mark Hunter

United Mothership frame, S&M Pitch XLT, Hoder bars, XLT stem. so dialed...

Aaron has been piecing this whip together all summer, and this bike looks great. All black, can't go wrong!

S&M BTM 21"
S&M Pitchfork
S&M Race XLT
United Value Bars 8.5"
Sunday Yell Grips
Odyssey Twisted Pedals
TSC Overtaker Tires
Animal Headset
Animal Seatpost
Revenge Flow Pegs
Demolition Rolls RHD Rear Wheel
Demolition Front Wheel
Kink stump Post
S&M Tuff Man Sprocket
United Beacon Seat