Saturday, February 9, 2013

Locals: Francis Lalonde

Francis has been coming into the shop since day one. We've seen him progress from the kid at the park who only rode the flyout... to the kid that rides the flyout, and then shreds the rest of the park now too. His bike is usually broken as he seems to progress a lot, and roost most things there now... but let's see what he's been up too. Francis Shreds. 

**this interview was done months ago... got lazy to post. 

Have you been riding much this winter?
Iv been trying to ride as much as possible unfortunately there aren't alot of nice days when the snow can melt and have a sesh but yea iv been ridin quite a bit downtown and around my house.
What do you do to keep sane for the winter, when you can't ride your bike? I try to go to cop and snowboard as much as i can but its expensive as fuck.. other then that i keep myself busy just chillen with friends havin a good time u kno
in an average session, how many fly-outs you think you do?
i think i probs hit around like 150-300 times but like mostly to learn tricks but now that i got tailwhipes i dont think il be hitting it as much. 

YOu gonna hit up the Three HIll skatepark when it opens?
I mean if i get the chance of course ima do it up but i dont think my dad wants to get out of his way to drive me there but yea I hope so...

would you hit the the dirtjumps at the Olds Indoor BMX facility?
Umm im pretty sure u talking about the jumps in the track but i dont know... I think id probably end up trying i mean why not ..

What do you think we should do... a skatepark jam or a parking lot jam at the store? i think a parking lot jam whould be way better because we can shovel it clean and there would be way more stuff to hit........DOOOOO ITT !!!!!!!
DId you ever pull that turndown 180 that you were trying off the upledge during the 10pack Jam? Umm i dont think iv done one off of a ledge yet but i did do it of the kicker Il try it next time and well see
Anybody you wanna give a shout-out too? any tricks you gonna call out?
Shouts out to my bro Aaron Firth And Zane Fichten havent really been chillen with them lately but uhh me and Aaron went and rode last weekend see we good hopfully we 3 can make a dope edit next season..... And umm yea not really any tricks but i will hit the one gap in intermidiate were that little orange or red rail with the ledge beside it well yee that to the millz mountain bank ( The Middle part of street section ) Actually MAAAAYYBE tailwhipe airs might try those out...

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