Friday, January 18, 2013

Hevil & Little Devil Premiere

A lot of us have been waiting years to see this footy put together by canadian bmx legend Surrey Steve has. We have seen trailers and heard talk of this going down for some time to come. I even got a sneak peak last spring at Surrey's place and new it was going to be good. It's full of Canadian legends, Fire, Exposions, Fights and other random goodness. Making it a true BMX Video that we don't often see any more. 

Videos start at 5pm Sat Jan 19 @ BmxGallery

Also to Celebrate the Re incarceration of Little Devil Brand we will also be playing this timeless, classic bmx video Criminal Mischief. If you for some reason you havn't seen this one yet make sure you come get that history lesson on bmx. For those who have seen it a million times over its still just as good.

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