Saturday, April 28, 2012

Customer Builds: Ian Aube

Ian built up the new Stranger "Daytripper", and this thing looks sick. Check it!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Trails are coming!

These trails have been getting som serious work lately. Hopefully ride em Sunday!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Quintin Hats IN STOCK

We just got a shipment of new Quintin Snapback hats and they look sharp. Come down and grab a fresh one. Best hats in BMX.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pick up the Pieces.

Everyone who won the bid for any item at Ryan Davis' art display earlier this month, it's time to come down to the shop and claim your piece. Thanks again to everyone who came out.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Stolen bike - Matt Abbott

Be on the look out, it had a 3 year old fit eddi Cleveland frame painted grey 21" top tube - black verde tapered fork - fly front wheel red but painted black with a MacNeil hub , fiend bars 8.5 rise black ( the ones I got from the gallery comp at mills recently) s and m lil red neck stem blue but painted black . Éclat pivotal seat black with little blueAnd grey logo ,blue back rim painted black, fit tires - greeny teal MacNeil feather light sprocket painted black , white 1664 cranks painted black, twisted teal plastic pedals

Thursday, April 19, 2012

So much new stock.....

We just spent 4 days receiving, pricing, and displaying all the new stuff... Lots of stuff from Ryder including CULT parts and softgoods, Sunday completes, Odyssey goods. Ten Pack we got a WTP completes and frame, Animal parts including chrome Presidential bars... 1664 we got more Fit completes, SandM forks, bars and frames.... and so much more... here are some pics! Check it out.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bike Check: Karson Belcourt

Karson cracked his Cult CC1 frame last week, and got to build up this Red CULT OS 21"

Looks pretty sick!

Locals: Teddy Eyob

Teddy, One of the characters that comes through the shop doors quite regularly. I'm pretty stoked to see this kid progress, as he has come a long way from his awkward 14 year old mtn bike days. Now he has a freecoaster, and is doing things that most kids at Mills will never do. Good Work Teddy. 

4130: Age, Hood, and how long you been in Calgary
Teddy: I'm 16, and my hood... is Calgary. NW. and I've lived in Calgary since I was 2. I was born in Saskatoon, but moved here.

4130: What's your average day that you are heading down to the park? 
Teddy: Uhhm, I wake up, put my shin pads on, if they aren't already on from the night before.
4130: You sleep in your shin pads?
Teddy: Sometimes, you come home from a long day of riding, and you just crash on the bed. ... Head down to the park, call a couple of buds. Go home, find a party, get drunk and then do it all over again.

4130: What was your strategy to win the "Springbreak Shootout"?
Teddy: It was just a Facebook status, I don't really think people got into it....well Brock sorta did. I just like put in on Facebook, and "like it". haha
4130: It was more or less a popularity contest? 
Teddy: Kinda! hahaha! I'm sure he could have made a Facebook status he coulda got a couple more likes.
Photo by

4130: What's your favorite spot in Calgary?
Teddy: Ohhh... Favorite spot in Calgary. (Pause) I like the street section in Mills, but nobody likes to ride street anymore.
4130: Why not?
Teddy: Well Brock Gumby is park as fuck, and Jay is scared of street, and Quintin complains a lot about everything. Yea, that's really it... Red rails is fun, when there isn't broken glass and shit.

4130: So you seem to have a pretty tight crew. Do you motivate eachother? 
Teddy: Kinda, I guess you could call it motivating. It's more like your a pussy if you don't do that certain trick. So I guess it's kinda motivating.

4130: Who is your favorite rider right now?
Teddy: Alex Kennedy - He's got the crazy hair, got four pegs, sickest freecoaster style, and he's just rad!

4130: Any BMX Drama you wanna stir up? 
Teddy: I wanna know what's going on between Catfish and Ian Schwartz.

4130: Favorite Mills Park obstacle?
Teddy: The blue rail. I learned a lot of tricks on that rail. Did my first icepick on that rail, that's where I learned to double peg, opposite double.

4130: Rails or Ledges?
Teddy: Rails

4130: Steel or Concrete
Teddy: Concrete

4130: If you had to blade or scoot, which would you choose and why?
Teddy: Scooter, cause nothing would hurt my Mom more, telling her that I was gay.

4130: Why didn't you win high-hop?
Teddy: Cause my fucking Hoders are huge!

4130: WHo should we interview next?
Teddy: Quintin. cause he's standing right beside me.

4130: Any Shout out's?
Teddy: My Mom, cause she drives me to the skatepark sometimes, and Quintin does too. Emri took me on my first road trip, so I"ll give him a shout out. Brock Gumby, but you have to spell it GUMBY, not Gandy. Uhhmm and Gay (Jay) Park.

Frame: Verde Kiraly
Fork:  Eclat
Bars: S&M Hoder
Stem: Kink Bold Top Load
Grips: Duo
Front Wheel: G-Sport Hub laced to Alienation rim
Front Tire: Fit FAF
Cranks: Profile
Sprocket: CULT
Chain: DK..haha, I don't know
Pedals: Odysee Twisted PC
Rear Wheel: Federal Freecoaster with Demolition Rim
Rear Tire: Eclat, the one that's not street, and not dirt
Seat: Uhm what is it called again... the Beacon.
Post: 1664
Mods: tried running Andys drives side FBM hubguard that he modded up.... that lasted a couple days.
4130: so your blaming Andys shotty craftmanship?
Teddy: Yea! it's not my chain.

Mike Tag - RIP

I never knew Mike Tag personally, but as a someone in the BMX community you can appreciate what he was all about. "BMX is all about friends" is one of his quotes to live by.

RIP Mike Tag.

Friday, April 13, 2012

John Alden on We The People / 10Pack

I've been waiting to let the cat out of the bag on this news for a week! John Alden, Calgary local, shop employee, team guy is now repping WTP through 10 Pack Distro! Huge congrats!! If you've seen him ride at the park, he's a super consistent rider that flows around doing technical tricks like they are no big deal.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Product Feature: S&M Perfect 10 Bars/trans colours

Want to feel perfect...? Well now is your chance, not only do we have the S&M Perfect 10 bars in stock, we have them in Chrome, Trans Red and Trans Green! These bars are awesome and will make you feel perfect!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Customer Build: FIT TD350

Spencer Renton recently picked up the TD350 frame from the shop and put it together. This thing looks pretty awesome. Check it out at the park if you see him.....

Monday, April 2, 2012

Bmx Gallery: 4130 X Ryan Davis "Mistakes & Failures"

Saturday, March 30th marked the 1st anniversary of BMX Gallery: 4130. We were so proud to host Ryan Davis art show "Mistakes & Failures". This guy has helped us since the beginning and we all have known him for years. Boicott has been part of the Calgary scene for so long, putting on jams such as the Stripper Jam, and Toilet Bowl Jam, they all have shown the Calgary scene some awesome times! Everyone at the shop wants to thank all the friends and family that came down and supported the scene and Ryan.  The 10th anniversary of Boicott is this summer, with the party being hosted in Portland, Ryans current hometown; can't wait for that to go down! Special thanks to Pabst Blue Ribbon / Old Milwaukee for suppling the beverages.

The pieces are up till the end of the month, so please come down to the shop and check it out!