Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Holy Fit DVD Premiere !

So Stoked for this one ! Holy Fit DVD is on the way and will be premiering Thursday Oct 9th at 7pm. This is one that you won't want to pass up with heavy hitting sections from dudes like Shawn Mac, Jordan Hango, Van F*&%ing Homan and all the other dudes on the stacked Fit Bike Team. Come by hang out and watch this beauty !

Hope to see you all here !

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Back Alley Jam Oct 4th !

We are beyond stoked to announce the Back Alley Jam to be held on October 4, 2014. Behind the store, in the alley, under the train line we will be holding a rail and box contest with over $500 of prize money to be awarded! Each rider will have two runs through the course, they will have 10+ features to hit including rails, flat boxes, up boxes, launch ramps, and manual pads.

1664 Distribution has sponsored the contest so we can expect to see prizes from United, Fit, S&M Bikes, Encore, and La Casa! Some of their team riders will be around riding as well!

The  course will be set up at noon to have an open Jam format until 1:45, at 2pm the first riders in Open will hit the rails! The top 5 rider from each class will go into a finals for top awards. Final placing will be based on one run. We have an after party at Broken City to continue all the mayhem.

Registration will be held to 30 for open class (beginner and Intermediate) and 30 for money class (expert and pro). Sandbaggers will be forced to move up to the money class.... Entry is $5 for Open, and $15 for Money. 100% of the entry fee will be going back to the "money class" payout. Make sure you come out and celebrate the 2014 summer on your bike one more time!

Huge thanks to 1664 Distribution for making this rad time happen ! 

If have any questions or want to get signed up please email us @ info@bmxgallery.ca

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Phone Clippin

You know when you go to take a picture and it's super annoying when you don't have enough storage? Well I was making a scraps edit for myself, but had to add a bunch of other clips from friends over the last 12 months. Chris Ziehr, John Stone, Richard Gallant, Austin Odegnal, Mitchell Hall Johnson, Teddy Eyob, Peaches, and Darcy Peters all shreddin

Phone Clippin from BmxGallery4130 on Vimeo.

Friday, August 15, 2014

The Cult team absolutely KILLS it in this new promo/testing for the 2nd CultxVans shoe that they just worked up to keep your shoes lasting for a long time. Be on the look out as we will be getting these shoes in stock sometime in the next couple weeks.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Ride To Glory 2 Cut Off

The second annual Bmx Gallery ride to glory is coming to an end, but don't worry because you all still have until august 12th to get your clips stacked, uploaded, and hashtaged# #BG4130R2G2 to win a bunch of free stuff that the sponsors have hooked up FAT this year!
We here at the Bmx Gallery would like to give a huge shout out to this years sponsors for making this contest rad!
-Killemall Distribution 
-Ryder Distribution 
-1664 Distribution 
-The Northern Embassy 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Ride to Glory 2 Task Sheet

For those looking for the task sheet to print off, here it is !

This is the basic Task & Challenge sheet for everyone. Get all or as many as you can checked off and add up the points. Keep track of your score as you must have this total when you hand it in. We will choose who wins the bonus pts and add them to the score.

If your are also doing the 18 Plus Challenges you will need to email us at info@bmxgallery.ca to get it. The Top 3 teams placed in both 18 Under and 18 Over will each win a prize pack. Separate prizes for bonus challenges will also be won. Good luck to everyone, and be sure to check out the rules in the post below !

The following Contest Challenges win a separate prizes TBA and 100 Bonus Points !

  • Longest Nose Ryder (nose manny) - Presented by Ryder BMX
  • Biggest Roof Gap - Presented by 1664 Distribution
  • Sickest Boost - Presented by BmxGallery:4130
  • Best Rodeo Grind on Street - Presented by Killemall Distribution
  • Do Something Canadian - Presented by Northern Embassy
  • Hottest Topless Chick riding your bike (18+ Task) - Presented by MacNeil BMX

  • Put footage of tasks into an Edit under 5min in length - 200 pts
  • Random Challenges 50pts
  • Barefoot Nofooter
  • Fakie 360
  •  Bunny Hop with one hand
  • RollerCoaster Grind all 4 pegs at once !
  • Hippy Hop
  • Milk a Cow
  • Hit a pole Jam
  • Tire Ride a Rail ( bonus 50 pts for best Rail ride)
  • Flair something not at a skatepark
  • Fakie Bar
  • Ride a Pool
  •  Ride up a stair set ( bonus 50 pts for best ride)
  •  Barspin in a Elevator
  • Do a Bar Ride
  • Get on Rodeo Peanut
  • Handle Bar grind a rail
  • No Footed Can a gap
  • Griz air on dirt
  • Smith a rail
  •  Hop Whip
  •  Make a jump or setup out of Pallets ( bonus 50pts for best setup )
  • X-Up
  • Follow Macneilbikes, 1664bmx, Northernembassy, Gallery4130, Ryderbmx, Killemalldistro on Insta.
  • Do a double rail hop
  • Test ride a Walmart or Canadian Tire Bike
  •  Ice, Manny, Bar
  • Do an Abubaca (bonus 50 pts for best)
  • Do a Nothing (no flyouts)
  •  Jump something moving
  •  Get a cowgirl to bunnyhop your bike
  •  Toothpick stall on a quarter
  • 540 Tailtap
  • Tire slide a bowl corner
  •  360 Bar Hump
  •  Get your pic taken with a pro rider and post on insta #bg4130r2g2
  •  Bum some change, Find a payphone and call Matt at the shop 403-264-4900
  •  T-Bog Over a rail
  • Manny a ledge over bar height
  • Bomb a Hill
  • Luc-E Grind
  • Un Luc-E Grind
  • Superman Seat grab
  • Do a Eric Elstran Barspin
  • Fakie to drop (bonus 50 pts for best)
  •  Wear short shorts for a week. Let's see those pockets !
  • Play a game of B.I.K.E with your team
  • Hang 5 out of something and back In.
  • Sticker your entire bike
  • Manual T-Bog
  • Jump through something
  • Footjam Whip something cool
  • Most people on a bike while riding (bonus 50 pts)
  • Grind up a rail (no skateparks)
  •  Eat 10 Tacos in 10 minutes
  • Smith to 180
  • Do 2 shots of wheatgrass (come on kids it's good for you !)
  •  Grind down a ledge with a stair set (No skateparks)
  • Come by Gallery and get a Henna face tattoo. Or get one done at your local shop.
  • Have a Time !