Monday, July 7, 2014

Ride to Glory 2 Task Sheet

For those looking for the task sheet to print off, here it is !

This is the basic Task & Challenge sheet for everyone. Get all or as many as you can checked off and add up the points. Keep track of your score as you must have this total when you hand it in. We will choose who wins the bonus pts and add them to the score.

If your are also doing the 18 Plus Challenges you will need to email us at to get it. The Top 3 teams placed in both 18 Under and 18 Over will each win a prize pack. Separate prizes for bonus challenges will also be won. Good luck to everyone, and be sure to check out the rules in the post below !

The following Contest Challenges win a separate prizes TBA and 100 Bonus Points !

  • Longest Nose Ryder (nose manny) - Presented by Ryder BMX
  • Biggest Roof Gap - Presented by 1664 Distribution
  • Sickest Boost - Presented by BmxGallery:4130
  • Best Rodeo Grind on Street - Presented by Killemall Distribution
  • Do Something Canadian - Presented by Northern Embassy
  • Hottest Topless Chick riding your bike (18+ Task) - Presented by MacNeil BMX

  • Put footage of tasks into an Edit under 5min in length - 200 pts
  • Random Challenges 50pts
  • Barefoot Nofooter
  • Fakie 360
  •  Bunny Hop with one hand
  • RollerCoaster Grind all 4 pegs at once !
  • Hippy Hop
  • Milk a Cow
  • Hit a pole Jam
  • Tire Ride a Rail ( bonus 50 pts for best Rail ride)
  • Flair something not at a skatepark
  • Fakie Bar
  • Ride a Pool
  •  Ride up a stair set ( bonus 50 pts for best ride)
  •  Barspin in a Elevator
  • Do a Bar Ride
  • Get on Rodeo Peanut
  • Handle Bar grind a rail
  • No Footed Can a gap
  • Griz air on dirt
  • Smith a rail
  •  Hop Whip
  •  Make a jump or setup out of Pallets ( bonus 50pts for best setup )
  • X-Up
  • Follow Macneilbikes, 1664bmx, Northernembassy, Gallery4130, Ryderbmx, Killemalldistro on Insta.
  • Do a double rail hop
  • Test ride a Walmart or Canadian Tire Bike
  •  Ice, Manny, Bar
  • Do an Abubaca (bonus 50 pts for best)
  • Do a Nothing (no flyouts)
  •  Jump something moving
  •  Get a cowgirl to bunnyhop your bike
  •  Toothpick stall on a quarter
  • 540 Tailtap
  • Tire slide a bowl corner
  •  360 Bar Hump
  •  Get your pic taken with a pro rider and post on insta #bg4130r2g2
  •  Bum some change, Find a payphone and call Matt at the shop 403-264-4900
  •  T-Bog Over a rail
  • Manny a ledge over bar height
  • Bomb a Hill
  • Luc-E Grind
  • Un Luc-E Grind
  • Superman Seat grab
  • Do a Eric Elstran Barspin
  • Fakie to drop (bonus 50 pts for best)
  •  Wear short shorts for a week. Let's see those pockets !
  • Play a game of B.I.K.E with your team
  • Hang 5 out of something and back In.
  • Sticker your entire bike
  • Manual T-Bog
  • Jump through something
  • Footjam Whip something cool
  • Most people on a bike while riding (bonus 50 pts)
  • Grind up a rail (no skateparks)
  •  Eat 10 Tacos in 10 minutes
  • Smith to 180
  • Do 2 shots of wheatgrass (come on kids it's good for you !)
  •  Grind down a ledge with a stair set (No skateparks)
  • Come by Gallery and get a Henna face tattoo. Or get one done at your local shop.
  • Have a Time !

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Ride To Glory 2 Contest !

Ride to Glory 2 Contest

Here are the details for the Ride to Glory 2 contest that will run July 7-23th. The contest is very simple, get a group of friends (or do it solo) and get as many of the tasks completed as possible and win a HUGE prize pack. Most tasks are worth 50 points, but some have bonus points, or are even worth 200 points.... some examples are:
  • Do a bunny hop with one hand 
  • Most people on a bike while riding
All Tasks and challenges will posted on July 7th.

In order to complete a task you must have video evidence. You can either Instagram video each task with #BG4130R2G2 and your team name hashtagged, or compile clips to make a 5 min or less edit (hint bonus points for edit). We will also be dropping BONUS TASKS on our site as we go, so keep an eye out for them.

There is no limit on team size, so if you want to get every rider in your town in on it, that is totally cool. The only thing is that you must hand in your team roster BEFORE you get the task list. Teams may register at the shop starting now, or email us your team roster to, and we will email the task sheet if you are from out of town. Also no team member add on after sign up so make sure you don't miss anyone. If you are over 18, please ask for the 18+ tasks as well...

Prizes will be awarded as follows for highest point totals in both 18 Plus and 18 Under:

  • 1st 
  • 2nd 
  • 3rd 

Prizes awarded for separate challenges presented by the following:
Challenges TBA on July 7th
  • 1664 BMX
  • BMX Gallery: 4130
  • MacNeil Bmx 
  • KillemAll 
  • Northern Embassy
  • Ryder Distribution 
  • Most Points accumulated on 18+ tasks -

We want to thank our SPONSORS for all the prizes and support!!

1664 Distribution
MacNeil Bmx
Ryder BMX Distribution
KillemAll Distribution
Northern Embassy

The point of this contest is to HAVE FUN and to ride with you buds. So get out there, and get er' done!


1.       Do not break any laws in completing any tasks
2.       Any cheating or breaking rules will result in automatic disqualification
3.       Teams must be named
4.       You MUST have video evidence of completing a task – via Instagram (hash tagged #BG4130r2g2) or an edit at the end of the contest duration
5.       No clip – no task check
6.       You must submit your Task sheet and edits by Wednesday July 23 – Late submissions will not be accepted.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

InstaSplash Contest

Who rides in the rain besides ducks and Kite Surfers ? Well....BMXers do ! Riding in the rain is as you know not the best idea. But splashing in puddles is always a good time. So to keep things fun while it's pouring buckets outside and to help out all those lonely puddles we are having a Instasplash contest !

This is quick little fun one and will be running Today and tomorrow June 17th and 18th. All you have to do is make your best skid splash and #bmxgallery4130 on Instagram. This can be a picture or video and can be taken anywhere in  the wetness. Best shot or video wins some Stickers, Fresh Gallery Patch, Choice of grips and a mean Hi Five ! Get out there, find some wet and do some skids. Maybe even splash your buddy !

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Locals: Linden Legros

I am not sure if I've ever met Linden, but he always hash tags on his Instagram account #bmxgallery4130 so I see what he is up to on a daily basis. Living in Golden where it snows a ton in the winter. Linden would post pics doing a barspin in Sorels! We wanted to find out more and what Golden is really like. Enjoy.
Name age where do u live? My name is Linden Legros, im 14 years old and I live in Golden, British Columbia.
What got you into bmx? Ive always ridden bikes as a kid, when i was about 9 years old my step dad built some dirt jumps in our backyard and i always used to ride those. What really got me into bmx was when i was about 12 years old. I was driving past the skatepark and i saw my friend Sheldon Head do a dipped 360 out of the bank.. from then on i wanted a bmx bike so I saved up my money and finally got myself a 2011 United Supreme SU1. The day i got my bike I had also met my best friend; Dylan Tucker. He was also just starting to ride, so we just tried to progress and have as much fun as we could.. when i moved back to Golden none of my friends rode bikes except for Sheldon so I wasnt super motivated to test my limits... After all the homies got on bikes we just started to chill at the skatepark everyday and try new things. From then on I've just been hanging out with my friends everyday I can to just ride and push myself.
What is the scene like in Golden? The BMX scene in Golden is actually great considering how small the town really is (4 thousand people). There is always a few little kids ripping around the park or on the pump track. Every September there is a competition called the "StompDown" where anybody can sign up to compete against the other riders.. its pretty sick and I think all the riders appreciate what the town has done for them... There are about 10 BMX riders who live here, including me. My applied technology teacher let my friends and I build a box to put at the skatepark, which is pretty sick in my opinion. As it is for street in Golden, there arnt many spots to ride, and the ones you do find need some critical thinking. Across town there was an old motel that burnt down and people have configured it into a street spot with pole jams, boxes, rails and drops. Its pretty fun to ride with the homies.
Many spots? What's your favourite? As I said earlier, there are not many spots to ride. The ones you do manage to find though need some hard thinking to come up with some lines to do. I dont have a favorite street spot in Golden, but in Calgary i would have to say its the red flat rails downtown. Those are really fun to ride.
How many riders are there around you? What motivates you too ride? In the Golden area there are about 10 riders. Not alot but we are all really good friends. My motivation while riding is the homies mostly. We are always playing games of B.I.K.E so most of us are trying something new almost everyday. It's always fun at the park because we are all trying to push eachother with sick lines. Do you ever ride in Calgary or bigger cities? I ride in the Calgary area every summer, and if I go visit im usually on my bike trying to get a session in haha. Ive also been to Invermere a couple times with my friends. Other than that I have not ridden in any other cities but I'm hoping that i'll be able to soon. I love going to new places and meeting new people to ride with.
What are you riding? My set up right now is: Frame: Fiend Embryo 20.5" custom painted Fork: Premium FYB Bars: Premium Lodes 8.75" rise Stem: Kink 50mm Headset: Primo Grips: ODI Tires: Demolition Machete 2.35 Front wheel: Odyssey hazard lite rim laced to an Odyssey Vandero hub Rear wheel: Odyssey hazard lite rim laced to an Odyssey Anitgram hub. LHD Seat: BoneDeth vibrator Seatpost: Fiend Cranks: Demolition Revolt 175mm Sprocket: Demolition Merit 25T Chain: Spank Bottom bracket: Demolition Pedals: Premium pc slims Pegs: Animal Butcher X4
What do you think sets golden apart from other towns in bc? Golden is just a great place to hangout with the homies, all the riders know eachother and like to ride. We have a great skatepark and we are just trying to have fun. Most of the people here are nice, and the cops dont ruin your sessions too often! If you're wearing a helmet then sometimes give you free ice cream coupons which is always a good time in the blazing hot summers here.. the view is amazing, because you're surrounded by mountains and trees. The town is small so it isnt hard to bike across it, and there isnt alot of traffic. Nobody likes when youre trying to film a line and either a car or cop cuts youre session short. 
If there were riders coming through, where should they go ride? I would recommend the skatepark and the skatespot (home made street section) if anybody wanted to ride in Golden. Its always a good time and you're pretty much motivated everyday to ride with the homies. 
Any thanks or shout outs?
I would like to thank my parents first of all for supporting me through all the injuries and broken bikes. I would like to thank Bmx Gallery for having a such a sick shop and letting me do this interview, and I would also like to thank my friends for keeping me motivated to ride. Shout out to my kitty Boots who disapeared a few days ago then came home. i would also like to thank all my followers on instagram for keeping me motivated to post new vids of me progressing. Oh yeah, and shout out to young neck pillow for being beastly as usual.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Fresh new Gallery merch for you, me and everyone!!

So, summer is FINALLY showing signs of settling in, and what better way to celebrate than to head to the shop and get your hands on some fresh new merch!!??

First up, 2 new tank's, the ever popular Richard Gallant "King of Street" design and the all new Lee Dennis Lady tank. Both Rad and need to be in your wardrobe for a measly $25.

Next up, 6 new T-Shirt designs, Gallery Fist, Lady, Ghost in plain black and Ghost in a Grey pocket Tee, The Matty and finally (and my favourite) the Ghost in Digital Camo. Awesome designs and available in Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and XX Large and Starting at only $30.

 For those chilly starts, or those late night street missions, what better way to keep warm that these awesome Gallery Hoods?? A Ghost, Richard and Lady design on a pullover hood priced at $50 in Small, Medium, Large. X-Large and XX-Large. Get 'em while the goings good!

 And finally, for the little shredder in the house, why not pick up a little Hoodie or Baby Grow? What kid wouldn't grow up rad wearing one of these!?

We've got a few numbers but get them early so you don't get disappointed, I'd hate for you to turn up and we've sold out! Get a shirt, get on your bike, get Rad!


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Darcy Peters - Vans Canada Team Interview

Darcy Peters has been riding for BMX Gallery and Vans Canada for a few years, but it wasn't till recently that his interview got posted. Thought it was pretty cool to be listed between the likes of DMC, and Dillon Lloyd! Go to the Vans site and check his interview out and then come see the new Vans we got in shop! Congrats DP!!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

2014 Team Camping Trip

We are headed out of the big city to do some camping May 29 - June 1. We'll be stopping in Canmore, Invermere, and Kimberly to shred some parks and drink some brews. If you're in the area, come and shred with us! We'll be updating pics on our Instagram, so follow us and find us!!